Buttom Again!

We had a competion in our country called Buttom Again! Fashion is Hungarian ( in Hungarian Gombold újra!Divat a magyar). It was about to use again the traditional motivums like embroidery from Makó and Kalocsa so the main themes of the application to be modern and tradition at the same time.
This is a traditional dress from Kalocsa.

The Red Fiancée/ Piros mennyaszonyok by Erika Csegöldi. 
This is one of my favourite called Etnicgeometric by Blue Paprika.

In my opinion this application for the young designers to show what do they feel about the traditional Hungarian fashion. Now my generation mostly shops at C&A,Zara,H&M, Berska and like these kind of shops. Because mainly the most people belong to the middle class or poor. If someone in my age have money and a good shape they mainly buy expensive clothes and accessories. And these girls usually looks down on the other girls who don't wear so expensive clothes like them. I have classmate and she is like this but she is so stupid.  Many people in Hungary buy clothes in Chinese shops and shops where you can find clothes from England which the Britans drop out.

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