How the others see me?

Today, on the English lesson we were playing this game with our native teacher actually who is a music teacher. And we were sitting in groups of  3, and two were speaking about the third one. It was really strange 'cuz I dont like to her what the others thinks about me, I dont care if it's wrong. I care about what I do in life,and what I think, yes, it can give a contoll about yourself but if you mainly care about others and you don't want to hear your inside voice. For example here is Karl Lagerfield he was in the yesterday's paper and he said  he don't know anything about leisure time because  we need to work all the time and sometimes we should kick ass ourselves. And he don't care about that everyone needs to have a rest he thinks that he don't need and for many people are workalcoholic not that way. He loves his job and to get well-known in smthing you should love that and to be patence as much as needed and of coures humility.