Imaginary Wardrobe

I personally like the Autum weather. It contains a bit everything. It is a  little bit sunny, windy, rainny, cold and hot.Thats why I like to wear shirts and sweaters or maybe a leather jacket,  not  big coats. I prefer the cold weather so every morning a just take  a sweater or a denim jacket with me because all the afternoons are sunny and hot and I'm a bit lazy to hold it. They are perfect for me. 
I would like you to take a view in my imaginary wardrobe. I would like to wear clothes like this but not for school. Unfortunatly there aren't shops like Forever21 or TopShop here and I don't like online shopping.

I hope you like my wishlist and if you are wondering where you can buy maybe the watch with the Tower Eiffel just clikk HERE to find my Fashiolista profil. Where you can find more from my Fashiolista loves.

Have an amazing weekend.
Love, Julie

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