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Even if you are the biggest fashionista in this world you also have clothes with you won't wear again or never worn. There are several ways to get rid of from them maybe the most obvious way to through them to the bin. I think it is just good in one case if it is faded and torn. Some month ago I found the best way how to get rid of from your unused clothes. There is a kind of fare or market where you can get a table and sell your stuff and this is called Gardrób in Hungarian (in English it is Wardrobe). I haven't heard about any similar organization in Europe or in Hungary. Okay there are second hand shops but it is not the same. Here you can see the owner and can a chat with her in this way it is more personal in my opinion.
Of course I didn't took my whole wardrobe just nearly the half of it. But you can get an immidate feedback on your clothes.I think it is good because sometimes your friends and family tells a white lie about a piece of clothing.
So last Saturday me and my best friend, Livi went there to get rid of some of our clothes and earn some money. The venue was great and the atmosphere was great because there were some background music and hot tea and hot wine which was great even if we were inside but the weather outside was terrible. Our
table-neighbours were funny and helpfull so the company was good as well.

I fully packed our biggest suitcase and a smaller sportbag

This how our table looked like

We even hanged some stuff on the wall

Livi is chilling with some hot tea

Me chilling with some hot wine

And we baked some blueberry muffins for our shoppers

We are planning to go again in May because it is organized once in a month and the April's date is full.

How do you get rid of from your old clothes?

Love, Julie xoxo

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