What is in my bag?

It is so hard to have all the important things in your bag. Somewhere  I read a list about what you must have in your handbag, it was full with stupid and useless things. So I decided to share with you what I carry in mine. 

The LIST: 
- purse
- lipsticks
- body spray / parfume
- brush
- sunglasses
-agenda and a pen
-headband / bobbypins
- tissue case
- headphones
-chewing gums
    - hygienic
-toothpaste (in some cases it is better than chewing gums)
- powder with a brush
- pills in a case
-hand creme

These are my most improtant things, sometimes htere are more things in it due to weather, some health conditions or suitable for an event.

I hope this post helps you to not to leave something out of your bag. :)

Love, Julie


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