Live for now, forget forever.

Tattoos are coming back into fashion after a long rest. Or it is just strange for me that everyone getting inked even stars and civils as well because growing up means that for some people.
Just think about the early 00s you didn't see so many tattooed people. I can remember that when I was around 6 or 7 when I saw an inked person it was an old man getting on for 60 or 70 and he had names inked into his skin on his arm. These were about female names, several maybe 3 or 5. You know they weren't written with a calligraphic font but it was as rough as a man handwriting without any calligraphity in it. I was told that those people have tattoos who was sent to prison because committing a serious crime.

Last Friday I had time to go to the tattoo saloon to get an appointment and I got one for to day at 4pm. My week was so busy but somehow I got time to stress on it. I'm not that kind of person who is scared from many this buy it is a really scary one for me. Don't know why maybe I have never seen who it is made from the start or maybe the buzzing noise which makes it scary for me.
Few hours to go! This was just going in my head in the school during the whole day and the noise. Sometimes I felt that I'm going to throw up or felt dizzy. I didn't wanted to tell to my classmates. So I was just sitting and was not really talkative.

Why I wanted a tattoo? My childhood was a bit hectic, dramatic. Those people left me who meant a lot for. Who can't make their mistake unhappened or to make me to forgive. And this going to me to use my chances in life and not to say no for them and later feel regret about it. I would like to feel regret for those things that I did but I don't want to feel it at all because in that situation I thought it was I wanted to do.

It just took nearly a half an hour to get it inked. It wasn't that painfull it just hurt a bit on the bone and above the vessels. It is more a weird feeling than painfull. I can't discribe it properly but the tattoo guy said it is like a bit when you would like to cut down your arm with a dull knife and a bit like this.

First I wanted it in 2 line in the inside of my left wrist but finally I got it around it like a bracelet. So here it is.

The sketch

What do you think about it? Do you have any tattos or do you want?

Love, Julie

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  1. Beautiful blog! I look forward to reading more updates from you :)
    Scarlett x