Liebster Award for the 2nd time

It is unbelievable! I got the Liebster Blog Award for the second time! Thanks a lot Angelica !
I'm very happy about it!

    Angelica's questions to me:

    What are your tips for new bloggers?
    It is a bit funny because somedays ago my friends asked for help to launch their blog. Two things comes into my mind. Have fun and take it seriously. It is maybe a bit hard to do the both things but you should be interested in what are you blogging about and take these things seriuosly and get to know everything about them.
    Would you ever consider moving your blog to WordPress from blogger ? (or from WordPress to blogger)
    Definitly not.
    Why do you write your  blog ?
    I love to do it, it is part of my life and personality.
    What's your favorite part about blogging ?
    Getting to know new things, people all over the world and boarden your sights.
    Who from the blogging community would you want to meet ?
    Oh! I really like to meet new people so I would like to meet everyone. But who I really would is BryanBoy and Doina Ciobanu.
    How do you stay organised with your blogging ?
    I make a lot of post about what I would like to post then select. When I see something which makes me wonder on the street I make a note in my iPhone or write it on a post it.
    When do you think you'll stop blogging?
    When I won't have time for it at all. But I don't really want to finish it.
    Where do you see your blog in 20 or more years ?
     20years is a long time. By that time I would like to become a professonal blogger or journalist. 
    What's your favorite high end brand for make up ? 
     I really love Manhattan products.
    What's your favorite drugstore brand for make up?  
    I don't have a typical one, maybe Douglas.
    Do you have specific days that you find it easy to blog on ?
     Not really. It is easy when I find a good issue to write about. I prefer to do blogging at night.
    If you could meet one celebrity who would you pick and why ?
     Lana Del Rey. She is simply gorgeous.
    Do you see your blog as a hobby ?
     To be a blogger is a kind of a hobby and a lifestyle as well.
    What's your favorite blog to read? 
    The Golden Diamonds.
    What is your one goal for your blog overall ?
    To start my career and  reach more people around  the world and share ideas and fashion tips.

    My questions to my nominees:

    1. Why do you love to be a blogger?
    2. If you would have the chance in which brand's campagain would you be?
    3. Who is your favourite model?
    4. If you would be a singer what kind of music would you play?
    5. Pancake or cotton candy?
    6. Who is your favourite writer? Why?
    7. Where would you like to get up next morning?
    8. What is a perfect summer holiday for you?
    9. Do you like to got to music festivals?
    10. Which city is your favourite city?

    My nominees:

    Thanks Goodness It's Fashion Friday!

     Thanks again for the nomination!
    Have a good weekend!
    Love, Julie

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