Wait... Is it February 2014!?!?

It is already February ... Months passed so fast seen September because it is my final year in high school. Which gives me lot of stuff to do and learn and I just have  2 and a half month until my exams starts and this  totally freaks me out. Also gives a lot of stress and anxious. If you are the same age as me you know how I feel.The deadline for the entry applications is in a week  and  I haven't really found any uni courses which I'm interested in.
What I really want to do and learn is styling and fashion journalism.
People here doesn't really know what fashion journalism is and they tend to say it is useless and things like this. I don't care about these comments at all and carry on with my things and stick to my guns. 
So know I'm planning to go for a stylist course with is hoped to have fashion journalism in it's second year.
And also hoping to get into uni.
These are the reasons why I haven't posted a while ago.

Here are my fav songs at the moment as a kind of Fabruary Playlist:

Nina Nesbitt - Selfies

Iggy Azalea - Fancy (ft Charli XCX)

Iggy Azalea - Me, Myself, My Money

George Ezra - Budapest

Example - Kids Again

Beyonce - XO

What do you think about them?
Love, Julie

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