Hungary and the biggest stars

It's interesting that most of the biggest stars have a conect with Hungary for example in the last days Ke$ha said to a riporter that her greatgrandma&greatgrandfather were Hungarian, lived in Szentes and they had a pub. And I know Peter Falk wasn't a popular person in these years but when I was a little child my mum was watching Columbo series, and he died in these days and his greatgrand parents were also Hungarian.

In her breaking out clip she was wearing gloves from Pécs.The manager said there were no difference how Lady Gaga's were made between for the normal people. She just sent sketch and they worked with this.The woman who made the gloves for her said she has a little hand. But not she is the only one who has gloves from Pécs Angelina Jolie,Christina Aguilera and Madonna,too.

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