Where will the summer takes me?

I know we should  have courage  to do thing or to ask someone that he likes you. It is similiar when someone thinks that she can't wear skirt because her legs looks bad, it takes for a while when someone can convince her that her legs looks perfect in a skirt. Or in the other side someone wears a dress sized S but her real size is L or M. You can see how the dress is shouting for help with tears at the needlework. I don't critize these girls but I am real suprised when someone don't have the knowledge of her size and what kind of  cutting fitts on her shape.On Monday  I&Sandra went to shopping  and everywhere we meet with discount prices but all the shops were messy clothes, and many clothes were torn because of the wrong zippers.
I know in this year I wont go toThe Balaton Sound I'm so said abut it but  in this year there not to much preformers who I like. :( But it's not a matter.

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