Try to see the world not as I did

Nearly I posted 1 month ago, but so busy in school and everything.
Many people says 'How extrovert are you!!!', but it is just how they see me in my opinion i should  be much more extroverted as I'm now. I don't despise people where do they come from or they guy or in Hungary most of the  people hates gypsies because they stol and things like that, but I have gypsy friends and the say there are 2 types of them who wants to work and doesn't. And I don't hate them just don't like when they thinks the world is thereis and they don't want to work. So I don't care where someone comes if she is fine and wants to make her life better. And for this the best example my cousin he is half blood African and half-blood Hungarian and he just 8year-old and teached me that not your skin's color show who are you instead your personality and your aims. I try to never say to someone or something that I hate 'cuz I wants to find something intresting, reason or beauty. I really feel sorry for homelesses when they sitting outside in the cold and they smells from the cheap, low quality alcohols, true story: my friend wanted to give a sandwich to one of them and he thruw back to him and said 'I just want money!' IF we give money they spend they whole they in pubs. And they won't have a normal life again. How we should help them!?
In the other hand there is those people just allways thinks that they right and the best but they are so closed to here others or the worlds voice, my music teacher is like that  he allways wants to explains me my thoughts and my opinion.
These are the reasons why I wants to travell more and know more about people but it is so hard but it worse this.And these things can make me more extrovert.
And these things can help me to design and draw again.