Versace for H&M

Just saw the collection. And Donatella did a great job.In Hungary H&M has a big popularity because it has something for everyone. The price is mainly the best for a Hugarian person to be stylish and to have enough money after shopping to pay the bills.If  I look on these clothes it shows me hope for not the rich people can buy fabolous,expensive and really stylish outfits. The normal people to.And these shows a happines, fame and popularity. In Hungary some of people happy to buy an item of big brands once a year.Or not. But H&M Give the chance to us to have a pieces of a big brand not as much expensive as it really is.

 The women part has a bit Asian style for me with these palm leaves and flowers but the whole thing is perfect. But it still have this Italian style with the metal shine and the multitude of colors.

And the men part for me to much. It can fit someone metrosexual or gay(sorry boys), but I won't let my boyfriend to wear thing like these I like masculine men. Although these really cool. I think these will be in a typical Italian guy's  wardrobe.

If it'sout in HU I will check them, and maybe my opinion will change if I see them in real.