Preparing for Xmas

10 days and Xmas is here. I  have started to think about howto make my nails for Xmas and the previous week. I have decided next to my red nail polish from Claire's.
Next Wensday I'm going to visit the manicurist. And I have collected some really creative and funny nail prints.

My personal fav is with the Gingerbread creature. It reminds  Gingy from Shrek. He is my fav character from all the Shrek movies and Puss in Boots.

As The Muppets movie came out in cinemas, OPI made  a whole collecton for them. For me Miss Piggy's pink is the favourite because it is so girlish but, it is not this Barbie pink. I think in Hungary there isn't a shop where I can buy, but I didn't gave up I'm still looking for them.

I didn't see the movie,yet. So planning to watch it in some day.  Last  when I saw cartoon from The Muppets  I was maybe about 8 or 9. So I'm so excited  what will happen with them in this movie.
I wish you a happy preparing for Xmas.