H&M opening

On Thursday there was the newest H&M shop's opening at 11am, next to my school in the plaza.
Unfortunatly I had a lesson so I went a bit later, with my friend Evelyn.

You know that feeling when you step in a brand new shop where everything in order, essence of new clothes which are just packed out to the shelves, happy chatting between  strangers about a cardigan or a headband, the music which make people happier and released with trying on and searching for something special, and of course the rustling of the paper bags. It sounds maybe a bit like Becky Bloomwood from
Confessions of a Shopaholic. This is my fav book and movie. Btw it was nearly the same feeling.

The worse thing is that we don't have money at all this time, so we were just dreamming and planning to get sponsors.
Nearly we tried everything on what we found. Here are some photos.

I think I will go back on Monday for some things. Expecially I found a really good parfume. Maybe for something for my Mum for Xmas.