New Year - New Life?

I'm a bit late with to say HappyNewYear for you. But I have thinked about my last year and what I want in 12.
A bit about my last year:
I had big changes and decisions for example I have stared the blog which was the best decision in my life so far. And I'm not sorry for to not to tell all the people I know and my class what I doing in my freetime and what are my plans for the future. At the end of 2010 I'm made a list what I would like to do in '11. And none of it I could make it. And these plans wasn't big ones for example to speak my exBF about our friendship.
 So that's why I don't plan things like this for this year at all. And I made some decision about the blog to take more care about posting regularly and not just occasionally. And try to avoid grammar mistakes.
And some decisions for my everydays e.g. wear high heels nearly in everyday I have some problem with it because I live nearly 2km away from the train station and I cover it 2 times a day. So my feet can really hurts for Friday. My Granny always say 'You should suffer for beauty.'
On 2nd Jan I dyed my hair (again) but now not brown now it is red and I changed hairstyle in the middle of Dec. Nearly I started the year in a new body for which belong a new soul. Maybe. But I'm more consicious now.  Maybe for these every day when I'm among people I have had some shocking experence. I don't tell more about it because not to end these magical moments. Maybe my new motto have some things in it.
Enjoy the little things. 
About the new year,2012. I don't plan I just wait and follow my decisions. I think we don't need a special event to make plans or decision we can do it in a sleepy Monday morning and belive in it. And the main reason for me not to plan anything because I don't live solitary I have friends and family and they can ruin my everyday plans too. My Stepfather's case is a good example  because he have never planed to have a beagle dog and a Turkish employee.
You never now what you will do 1 year later. I hope it will be a good year for me because my lucky number is 12.