Summer Time

Hurray! Summer is here! Finally! I've been waiting for summer for several month. But there is one more week from school but I don't really care.  Tonight, I got to The Tits concert. ( If you haven't seen my earlier post about them check HERE.) I'm so excited.
Next month my fav summer festival is comming. BALATON SOUND!!! I asked nearly everyone I would go to party but everyone said no cos they don't have money or just they don't like that kind of music, ect.
So finally I'll go alone. I don't care because my fav musician will be playing at the festival and I easily make frinds. Who will be there?

Example ( my biggest favourite)

Calvin Harris
Martin Solveig 
Tinie Tempah

and of course David Guetta who always comes.
And many other performer.

Do you like them? Are you going to a music festival?

Have a nice weekend, Julie xox

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