Chanel nails

It is the first time when the company created an official nail art.  Peter Philips, the house's make up guru told the way how you can make the same print to your nails. He used one of the Chanel's Spring 2012 colours and you can use Sally Hansen's silver nail polish pen to do the line at the nail beds. Maybe it is a kind of up side down French manicure.

I like this type of nail art. Maybe you could see in my earlier post that I'm keen on nail polishes and nail arts. 
I will probably try it soon. But for the next week  I need something tough for my nails because I'm going for a  music festival for 4days. And I wouldn't like to take so much care for my nails.

Have a great day, Julie

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  1. Oh my lord, that's incredible looking! Love it.

    Enjoy the music!