Festival Time!

Last week, me and my friend, Andy were at Balaton Sound! It is one of the biggest music festival in Hungary. For me it was the second time but for her the first.

We made new friends. And got free drinks from guys. (Not bitch way!) The whole week was very cool.
 She is Andy.

For me the best experience was when I got EXAMPLE's towel and then had a fight with bitches behind me. WE WON! I've nearly cried when I grabed it with my fingers.
Unfortunatly he was on the last day.

Before him was the De La Soul. I have never heard their name, but they made a really good party.

We were in the first row during Example and De la Soul. We were in the 3-5 row at the big stage always.

On the first day Calvin Harris gave an extremely good concert.
On the next day David Guetta gave a big show.
The third day was for Gossip. Beth Ditto made a big show as well. She said funny things.
We also were on other concerts. But these are the biggest of this week. I can't wait for next year's festival. 
I could live my life like this doing nothing, drinking, go to partyz and concerts, make new friends in every 5 minute and got suntant. Maybe I can have the chance next xear to make some interviews with them at backstage.
I hope you'll come next year, some of my dear readers.
Which is your fav music festival? Who is your fav performer on concerts?

Julie xoxo

P.S. I'll be off for the next week cos next morning I'm leaving for some days with friends. So new post is around the end of the week.

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