Givenchy hits H&M

I think you already noticed that a huge fan of  H&M and I'm always gets very excited when they announce a new collaborartion. For this time H&M colloaborates with GIVENCHY.

In my opinion  it is going to be a every uniqe, adventures and maybe a bit provocative. If the Creative Director of  the House, Riccardo Tisci  will stick to the 'Givenchy Style' it will be maybe a bit too much for the H&M's clarity and basics. Or he maybe will use a minimalistic way of the 'Givenchy Style'.
I hope he will stick to the real Givenchy patterns and colours and create something amazing and gorgeous. I hope this because from the previous collaborations such as Marni or ADR they used there iconic models and they ended up in a gorgeuos result.

I don't know when will the collection hit the stores but if I'll get to know it I'll share it with you. And I promise to check it and make a post about it. I'm going to put aside some money for the collection.

Love, Julie

EDITED: Unfortunatly, it was just a rumor. But I hope this collaborations will become real.

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  1. How cool! Can't wai for this ;)
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