Super Saturday!

Yesterday, Saturday was just perfect. What I was doing tomorrow? Unfortunetly this was a school day for us. But my teacher took us to the Literature Museum because now we are learning about Sándor Pefőfi and they have a pretty cool exhibition about him. We had our appointtment for 11am. Before this I had to stop and put my some package down at Auntie's while Kristof was in school. Then I had to go to the museum during the travelling I saw a big billboard that was saying ' British Days!' it was in the big market of Budapest. Exhibition was very cool and intresting. After this me and my friend visited the 'British Days!'. All I can say is OHM. I'm a big fan of Britain and British people.

We ate so many chips with salt&vinegar and Cadburry's Chocolate. This two became my faves inmediatly.

Then I went back to my Auntie's an we went to shop some Christmas presents for me. I got so many awesome stuff.

 Vintage printed  bag

Just some pair of earrings.

This is the most glitttery purse what I have ever seen.

The most interesting thing was that my dad bought me a presents as well. It is interesting because he never buys me anything. But  now I got  this...

We had this pre-Christmas because they always spend the holidays at my grandmother's house far away from Budapest. I don't go with them because I always spend the holidays with my family since my parents divorced.

For what did you asked for Christmas?

Love, Julie  x

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