2013 is going to be my year!

I hope you had a fantastic New Year's Eve. Mine was perfect, I couldn't wish for a better one. 

Everyone always say that it going to be my year. It is always your year and day just you have to do for to make it memorable. My year is going to be really memorable.
I have a lot of thing s in this year. I have some exams around May and in the begining of my drama group is going to perform with a big play. During summer I woud liek to get my driving licens and do my advanced level exam in English. As well in summer I would like to go to 2 festivals and abroad for a bit. 
I would like to continue my studies in London so the deadline of appling is going to be around Oct and Nov. 
I going to have a very busy and hard working  year. When I'm  busy there is something that comes what I can't ignore. 

This year bring so much fun so far and I hope it hold more. I have some personal plans as well I thing you know it, to loose weight! But now I'm really determined about it. I don't like to take resolutions I would rather call them projects. But these are what I have for this year: work hard and harder, be patient, that's all. 

I promised to choose an anthem. I going to choose on or two for every month. This month's anthem is
Perfect Replacement by EXAMPLE

 2013 is the perfect replacement of 2012.

Did you take some new year resolutions ?

Love, Julie

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  1. I hope this year goes well for you!<3 Mind checking out my blog? :)