Love your nails!

I'm in love with nail art. Due to this your nails can become a part of your daily outfit. You can use them like an accessorie for your outfits. And an extra place to show your amazing style.
I love it if it so sparkly, colorful and different in a good way.
I'm quite lucky with getting my nails done because my became a manicurist during this summer.
I prefer gel polishes and fake nails because the long lasting. In our rushing life we don't ususally have enough time to take care of them. I tink the worse thing is one a girl is wearing an awesome outfit with a perfect hair and make up and her nail polish is shells off. A tiny can be okay but when nearly the half of it missing from her 10 finger is disgusting! You should pay the same attention to them as to your make up.
When you shaking hands with a stranger they always check your nails even if you are a girl or not.
It tells a lot about you as much as your shoes. Like your neatness, how much you care about details, an other  things which can ruin your first impression.

My nails in the last few weeks

Some other which my mum made.

How do you love to wear your nails? Simple or with extras?

Love, Julie

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