Volt Festival - Sopron ( Day 1-2)

Many people around me have an image about festivals in their mind like that just drug addicts, alcoholists and that kind of  people go to music festivals. These placeses are dirty, everyone is drunk as hell and vomitting all around the stages, wc. But NOT! The truths is that okay there is always someone who drinks a bit more than needed and maybe throw up or just simply dance crazily. These venues are well organized, clean and hygenic (as a festival can be :) . There are also hundreds of securtiymen and volunteer lifeguards who make sure that you can party in safe.

Maybe  you get it that I'm a huge music and musicfestival fan! This was my first time at VOLT Festival in Sopron and it was amazing! The venue was amazing in the middle of a forest which is a camping normally.

I have never been to Sopron before but we easily found our hostel. As we got ready we went out to party.
The first day's line up was pretty good. We started with Tankcsapda which is a Hungarian rock band. I've nerver seen them in live but the were amazing. Then came Queens Of The Stone Age. Normally I don't have them on my playlist but they are living legends who spent there ever first time in Hungary and we had to see them! During there performence the crowd was circling and did some mosh pit as well.
They were followed by Thirty Seconds To Mars! It was on of the best shows I have ever seen! I can hardly discribe it in words. They have sounded perfectly and they bring their acrobats. Jared Leto was so so handsome and nice. Unfortunetly I was in the middle of the crowed so I could touch him when he came down to the crowed. If you have the chance to see them in live you must go!

Main stage during Tankcsapda

Thirty Seconds To Mars on stage ( I know it is not the best picture...)

Volt sign with random boys

Another thing which I like about festivals is that you can have a chat with anyone. Really anyone. All of the people are nice and accept you. You can party with them and they offer you to have a sip from their beer.  Boys take care for unknown girls not just for their girlfriend. We were these 2 boys ( on the picture) during the 30 Seconds To Mars concert and they were really nice and they also admitted that they didn't really love them but it was a brilliant show! 

Day 2
It was a bit hard to get up after such a big party. We made out of bed and after some food and drink we countinued partying. Before we started partying we made a robot head. This years festivals theme were the robots so you had the chance to make your own robot head and then you could take part with it in  robot pageant. The judges were well known Hungarian artists. That they we also got some fake tattoos.

We named our robot head to Rosalinda

Tattoos and a bit of arm swag

This day we listened to Quimby which is a Hungarian alternative group and their music is pretty good. Then came Hurts and they were followed by Knife Party.
Unfortunetly we just got to the end of Quimby but it was pretty good. Hurst was unbeliveable! Then came Knife Party which was mind blowing!


Hurts on stage

Knife Party 

About the Day 3 and 4 on the next post.

Love, Julie

( all these photos belong to me)

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