Volt Festival - Sopron ( Day 3-4)

Day 3
This day was about rock and Martin Solveig. First Papa Roach gave an amazing set.  Then came Billy Talent also amazing. Martin Solveig closed the concerts on the main stage that day and he was absolutly insane. Last year he was at Balaton Sound but that time I couldn't go to see him.

Papa Roach on stage

Billy Talent  on stage

Martin Solveig

Day 4

I was waiting for this day for a year, since the last year's Example concert. You may say that I'm not sane beacuse we wait 6 hours in the first row to have the best place. Unfortunatly without a bottle of water, somehow we forget about it. Finally friends bring some to us. Example was the final show so before him there were 2 bands, Parov Stelar Band and Ákos ( Hungarian performer). I have never heard about Parov Stellar Band and some guys told us they play "electro swing". I could imagine what it is like but turned out that they are awesome. I became a fan of them immediately. They were followed by Ákos who is a Hungarian singer who I personally don't really like. Finally at midnight Example started his set. It was totaly insane and mind blowing. I hope he comes next year as well.

Parov Stelar Band on stage

Example on stage

It was an amazing experience. I'm planning to go next year. 

Love, Julie

P.S.: You can find more infos on there official website HERE!


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