I took the risk

I'm at a new stage of my life. I left a lot of things behind recently and my whole view of life has changed. Mainly because I leaved high school which put a lot of pressure on me, gave me so much anxiety and sometimes physical pain.

Many people don't have that ideal time at high school. Mostly it is a terrible experience. Unfortunatly. Maybe because during that 4( or 5) years  you change a lot. Try to figure out your style, what are you passionate about, what you want to do in the rest of your life. Figuring out who you are.
I didn't had that perfect time in high school either. I had good times which going to be amazing experiences and memories for the rest of my life.
I changed my mind all the time about what I wanted to learn or do. 2 years ago I finally found out I want fashion and beauty be my profession. I know it won't be easy to make it until I reach my goal and dream.

I took the risk not going to university right after graduating from high school. I changed my mind about it during my exam period. I realized if I would go to university now I couldn't be able to focus it and be good at it. While knowing I could learn what I like, enjoy and probably better at. So I took all my courage and withdrawn my application from university and applied for a course about publishing and for some others as well. I always been interested in those courses. I'm really happy with my decision. Even if a lot of people doubt me. I'm not saying that I refuse to go to university for my whole life, I will apply when I find a course which I like and interseted in.

Love, J

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