L'Oreal Paris Micellar Water Review

Recently there's a huge hype about the micellar water. Read about all over the internet, magazines and actually everywhere. Finally decided to give it a go and voted for the L'Oreal Paris Skin Perfection 3 in 1 Purifying Micellar Solution.

I never had an unproblematic skin but now as I'm over those teenage years. When I had to use more effective products for acne. But as I got closer and then passed the age of 18 my skin got better and better and finally gave up acne. Expect for that time of the months, but that is totally normal. So now my skin need a really differnet skincare routine which is sensitive to it and also effectively clears out my pores.

I spent like a half an hour at the drugstore reading the labels and comparing the products at the and I  choose the L'Oreal one. I was really impressed with its packaging because it is so sick and imperssive. The label state 3 points at the begining. These are the things my skins needs at the moment.

1. As school started for me as well at the beging of this months, I started wearing make up like every single day. This product takes of all of my make up even my mascara from what I use a lot of coats.
2. My pores can get easily clogged by the polluted air even if I don't wear make up at all.
3. After a long day in the city my skin gets irritated and after using this product as a make up remover and then a toner it calmes down and prepares my skin to dissolve the moisturiser easier.

I been using this product for like a months now  and found a lot of changes about my skin. It is more smoother, doesn't get oily so quickly  and a little bit firmer as well.
 So all in all how sceptical I was about the micellar water, now I am so in love with it .

Love, Julie

Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponored post. I didn't get paid for it. These are my true opinions and experiences with the product.

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