What inspires you?

It can be a typical question but we you this when we are talking to an artist. But we can ask this from everyone from a mum, a student, a teacher, a chef, a confectioner and ect. They all have their own answer with their own reason, because we can have similar aims but where we start something is so different, and not just we needed for our aims  but our family,friends and luck and the most important thing is the talent. Today I want to show you a girl who is inspired by everything.
 She is  Zsofia Kovacs, she is just 17. She started making pictures when she was 13.
Let's her photos speak...

 Here is the question for me ' What inspires me?'
 Im inspired these really talented people all over the world. I wants to show the world not just take care about our polititions, take care about these people who can show the world who they really are and who the Hungarion nation really is.

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