Where is the standard?!?!

The Hungrian producers copy many shows and series from all over the world. Some years ago they copied The Bachelor in two ways first they did it in the same way in US but maybe 2 years ago they made an other version with our lute-player who is ugly, messy and he masturbate on live show because they were somewhere Brasil making a survival show. I know it can sounds like I critisize the Hungarian entertainment, but not I watch films from all over the world but these are the worse.It all can heard pessimistic and ther is some optimisam : there are real good comedy movies because we have so many puns, and we really drinks a lot and here is a part one of my favourite Hungarian movie Üvegtigris in literaly meaning Glasstiger. It is about a coupleof friends who loves beer and one of them is the owner of the Üvegtigris it is a cafeteria, and they gets in trouble all the time , in this part 2 hungover paople comes. Lets see...


The song is Csillagreggea from Ghymes.

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