Interview with Jonas Deweer

Before the fall brake my teacher give me a homework to make an interview someone how you find interesting. I Choose Jonas because I love his blog and ect.
So here is the  whole interview.

Jonas Deweer is a Belgian blogger.His blog is Yunes( ). I really appreciate his work with his blog. I find him interesting because of his view of the world what he show on his blog. He is followed by BryanBoy and so many  people from all corners of the world.

First, how you get close to fashion?
Since I’m gay, I always had lot of stylish girls around me when I was younger (and now still). They were always talking about the new clothes they bought, the pictures they saw in magazines etc. And after a while  I got curious and started buying magazines and reading blogs. That’s how everything started.
What made you to star your blog?What was your family and your friends opnion about this?
Blogs have always been my favorite fashion medium. The fact that they are written by people of all sorts and means, makes that you get a very open and varied view on the world of fashion. I love to learn opinions other than mine. It really opens up your world.  It’s also very important that bloggers are independent. Their points of view aren’t influenced by editors, marketers, sponsors..
From the very moment I read my first blog(It was ‘The Sartorialist’ of course) I knew that one day, I would do something like this. I took my time to get to know the blogosphere. One advice I always give to people who want to start a blog is ‘Give yourself one year to explore this world first’. Don’t start a blog the moment the idea pops up in your head is not good. Your blog will look amateuristic and you won’t really know what you’re talking about. And if you, after that one year, still want to start a blog, then you should do it.
In the beginning I didn’t really tell my friends and family about my blog because I didn’t quite know what to expect from it. But after some time, people started posting comments and tweeting me about how they loved my blog and my style of writing and then I realized ‘Hm, maybe those people are right, maybe I am good at this.’ And from then on I started telling people about ‘Yunes’.
My parents aren’t that into fashion, they just think I’m crazy spending all my time behind my laptop. But my friends like it. And some teachers from school who heard about it, even mailed me to tell me they appreciated what I did and to encourage me to keep on writing.
What sort of things are you writing about?Who or what inspires you?
I write about really everything that amazed me, or that made me think ‘This is something special’. I’m particularly interested in street style blogs and -photos because that’s the real thing. It gives ordinary people, like you and I, the chance to show what we are capable of.
Social media is also something that intrigues me. I like to explore the ways companies use social media as a new marketing strategy. I think that, in times like these where things change so quickly, it’s important for people to jump on this train. The moment you stand still, you’re already passed by.
What do you think about your blog's popularity and reading? Is it a popular blog in Belgium?
My blog is a relatively new one, compared to Belgium’s biggest blogs, so the stats aren’t that impressive. But they are climbing, and I have good hopes for the future! I’m trying to put my name out there as much as possible.
Which kind of style do you prefer and wear? 
Since I’m only seventeen my style is still developing. For the moment, I’m into blogeur-streetstyle, like the things you see on the ‘Facehunter’ blog. I bought his book, and it really inspires my outfits. I love bright colors and eye-catching accessories. I’m not afraid to try something strange ;)
Something I’d love to try in the future, is the androgynous look. The idea that people can’t tell whether you’re a boy or a girl intrigues me a lot. I like to play games with my looks.
How the Belgians relate to fashion? And what kind of styles and shops are popular there? What’s your opinion about these?
Most Belgian people(not all of them of course) are a bit behind on the fashion trends. For example, a boy wearing a messenger bag to school is the most common thing in the UK, but here in Belgium it’s still something strange.
Styles here, like in every other modern country I think, vary a lot. There isn’t a thing like ‘The Belgian Style’. Shops that are popular in Belgium are mostly H&M, Zara,.. But recently, American and British brands like ‘F21’, ‘Abercrombie’, and ‘River Island’ have opened stores in Belgium, and those are becoming very popular too now.
In the future would you like to keep on blogging? Or what are your future plans?
It is my biggest dream to become a professional blogger. After college, I’d love to move to the city of fashion, Paris.
One thing that is sure, is that my future will contain lots of fashion.
I’m very lucky to have a wonderful boyfriend who supports me in all these things.
The person you love by your side, is the best accessory one can have! ;)

I'm so happy that I could made an interview with you boy!:D Once we should meet. Thanks a lot again. I hope that your dreams will come true.

Here are his conections with the world:!/jonasdeweer