Faded cardigans and glittered tops

My school, my class, my friends are so different in style and I mainly made a system for who I know. And I realized that they real personality shows on their clothes, because they are not into fashion  as they know what to wear to show something different than they really are.

During this week my school had an open week. The guest was from the finishing classes from primary school. I was so shocked because they were 13 or 14 year old. And they looked like 9 or 10. We all said it can't be that they will be the next years freshman. They face  showed  lot of scare (I can understand it because there is 1600 student and 200 teachers in 4 building)and no sign of determination, hope and desire. Instead these, they had this I hate being there, I didn't wanted tho come here, I hate you all.
I know they don't want to change anything in there life and they are the begining of there teenager years. In Budapest there are more and more brands as the years passes and in good price.I don't want to judge them but when I went for the open day years ago I didn't dressed up as I went to school, a litlle bit officaly. They came in faded cardigans and jeans.
And these things was not what we got during the years from the "new student". We are always try our best for them to show that our school is not so serious wea are always joking with the teachers and they with us too.And the best thing in school we have a FOOSBALL TABLE. And our students  are nearly the most fasionable and talented in the city. It might sounds like that I'm boasting, not at all. I just proud for my school and I'm so excited about the next year's freshmen.

But  in the excuse of "faded cardigans" they can be stylish, not on the over-washed way.There are some people how don't want to stand out from the crowd with clothes, they wants so show how they are talented  or with their personality. I have friends from that type but they can appriciate my style and fashion too. But I have one friend how don't want to show her really personality and talent either.
In the other hand there are the "glittered tops". Those people who are stylish and show as much from themself that you can decide that you wants to be friends later or not. You can go everywhere with a glittered top, for example: if you decide to go an expensive restaurant or a smoky pub for a beer.Not as a "faded cardigan", you can just go a pub because she reflects that she maybe can afford a beer and a cheapest pack of cigarettes. And she must be feel herself out of place in an expensive restaurant or an clothes shop.
It has a different way among boys here, there are 2 version for them.  But if a boy is a "faded cardigan" : it means he is lasy to go buy some new T-shirt in every 5 years, and they are mainly empty inside and drug addict some of them.
And he is a "glittered top" he spend  more with shopping and doing his hair then a girl. And these boy really likes the neon colors, glitters, and low-cut tops. In soul they are so vain, credulous and don't take part in anything( those who I know from this group)
Rarely you can meet someone who is between them.
I prefer glittered tops than faded cardigans in real of course :D. And I have friends from both group.