2 weeks

I know I haven't wrote a word for 2 weeks. Sorry. So many things happened during these 2 weeks.

You know, my mum is not a spontaneous person but now she decided to open a florist shop. And she opens on Monday!!!  She did  everything in these 2 weeks. Of course she always been a florist but she gave it up for 2-3 years so it will be a big change for the whole family. And it is her first own shop! I'm proud of her !!!

Finally this week we finished the shooting. My drama group entered to 2 compation about acting István Örkény short stories. We worked a lot with  them during afternoons after school and during lessons. I hope we won't be the last. :) We gonna wacth them on Monday afternoon. So I waiting for it. : D

The 15th March is a national  holiday and we  had a long weekend. Unfortunatly we had to go to school on the next Saturday.  My school organized a kind of student's day. During these days we play matches with the teachers and things like these. Some of us try to climb thought the fence and just go away thats why our headteacher close all the doors. I didn't wanted to be closed into the school and my geography teacher took some of us for a trip. It was so good.  The amazing view compensated for the long walk to the of the mountain. It was beautiful.

So i got a bit exhausted. But it will post again normally. 
Have a great weekend. :D