Interview with Roxalne's Sisters

Some days ago I  made an interview with Roxalne's Sister who is two sisters Intan & Mutiara. These girls come from Bali. I asked them about their style and things connecting to fashion. 
You can find their page here.
I hope you will enjoy it. :D

How did you come close to fashion?  And how did the idea come to start blogging?
 We do not really have particular explanation about coming close to fashion however we have been interested in fashion since few years back so that we have decided to be solemn in this hard work by starting from our new-formed empire of fashion (  In accordance with our judgment, blog at this time is the most excellent social networking that is competent to provide everybody a number of great values of daily and to receive significant information by reading/ interpreting from what bloggers post day by day, which apparently the ultimate expectation of every single reader/blogger is to get linked with others. 

I know that you live in Bali. Does Bali have a unique fashion? How people relate to fashion? 
Bali in actuality holds its strong sophisticated art figure.  Even though Bali has enormously acknowledged as an inventive performing arts cultures in the world the majority of mankind in Bali are not so into world’s existent fashion as they have lived and dressed more than simple all life.  Having concerned on their scenic arts and lifestyles, at this point we are starting assemble the citizens to perceive realizing the fashion of world.

A bit about your personal style. What is it like? Who inspires your style? Which some word can describes you and your style? 
We rather love natural or colourful yet sturdy and glamour but occasionally simple.  There are too many undescribed amazing people on earth who have astonishingly inspired both of us and one of those is Rihanna.  Her hair colours and the dark skin tone of hers are a flawless mishmash and sometimes her elegant make-up mystifies us. 

Who is your idol in the fashion industry? And why? 
We have obtained quite a few icons that we truly admire such as, Alexander McQueen that has embodied a poignant power and pink energy as well as the strong brutal personality.  Alexander Wang whose style is measured calm casually humble. The world’s number one footwear designer, Christian Louboutin creates incredible shoes that have bewitched legs to give the impression of being gorgeous and sexy.  Helmut Lang and Rick Owens’ jacket designs have frequently identified to be inconspicuously down to earth, deconstructive and gallant and last is a Lebanese Fashion designer named Elie Saab who has shown glamour.

I read that you were attending in the London FW during autumn. How was it? What kind of differences you noticed between Indonesia and Europe?
 It was remarkable and a great establishment to accomplish our future needs and wants.  Too bad we could not be present at the just now fashion week due to our hectic schedule.   The weather, the people and their styles, the culture, the buildings, and foods between Europe and Indonesia are incontrovertibly poles apart.   

I saw you are going to open an online shop on your page. How did the idea come? Or it was an old plan? What kind of brands will be there?
We had started from our own jewellery line that has now been converted to branded pieces.  This idea of creating a branded online store came from our awareness in fashion and shopping branded /cool stuffs, hence a contemplation appeared in our minds why not making a business from what we really love. 

If you could have an own brand what kind of style would it be? Take more care about on accessories or on dresses?
 If we had a further chance to have our own brand it would be about many obsessions like clothing, shoes, accessories, bags and other things that are related to fashion and unquestionably the ones we adore.