Marni at H&M

I was enough lucky to win an invitation for the  pre-buying party. They had a game on Facebook and I win.
So on Wednesday evening I went with one of my friends, Betti for the party. I'm not this showing off type girl, so I didn't told it too many people where I'm going.

I was really excitied how the invitation will look like. It is so elegent and uniqe. Makes you more interested in the collection. Of course you can check them online but it is not the same feeling as the reality. 

 While were waiting to get in many people came to us and asked 'What is this whole thing?' and 'Is something for free?' During answering these questions I felt so lucky, selected and VIP. 
Photographers were running up and down on the square.  

Everything was beautiful inside. There were many Hungarian celebrity, stylist and journalist. We had opportunity to taste the new cocktail of Martini. It was really delicious, so try it. It is called Martini Royale. 
There was a really good DJ, who danced in a funny way.
For me these prices were a bit expensive but finally I bought some parts of the collection.

At the entrance everyone got a green,silk scarf as a present.
Dotted,mustrad scarf
These earring are a bit heavy but so beautful

Unfortunatly the clutch is not from the collection but it was love for the first sight.

I felt really good and Betti too. She was saying during the whole event that she is so happy to be here and sthings like these. I hope it wasn't the last time when I can attend an event like this.