Yesterday evening I went to watch  one of my friend's concert in a local rock pub. Her band is called The Tits. It was the first time when I saw their concert in live. I have to say that they are really good. She just started playing on the drums 1-2year ago.  In the band there was an other friend of mine, but she unfortunatly moved to Athens for 4 years (lucky her). They play covers and they have one own song. This song is a kind of lazy song.

The pub was lovely as a pub can be. But the best point was that there weren't smokers inside. Anyway it was a good place. I think I maybe saw my ex here but after did't eat during the day and drink 1/2liter beer and some shoots. I'm not sure he was it. BTW there were some scocking faces among the audience.  That time I ask myself where are these people hiding at daylight.

For me it doesn't make a problem to go to a club or a fancy place or a rock pub. I can solve the promblems with the right out fit and behaviour. For me it is not a big problem to drink beer insteed cocktails. One of my friends had an exam that they and she is not that type who go to pubs offen. So I couldn't imagine her walking in at all.
Listen them!