Busy weeks. Again! What!?

Sorry for not posting 2 weeks. I had some things which were really really important. I have some good new!!!
But start everything at the begining. First me and some friends decided to go to Toscan for a week at the begining of September. We are going to visit Florence, Venezia, Cinque Terra and other cities in the Eastern part of Italy. Unfortunatly we won't go to Milano.

 Venezia is one of my favourite place in Italy. Once I visited with friends during the Carnival and once with my family. But it was enough to fall in love with Venezia. Because it is such a different place, everyone use boats as transport and it have a really uniqe atmosphere. Here are osme pictures what I took during the Carnival.

Before this trip, my class going to have a class trip to Slovakia and Krakow. During 6 days we will visit daily maybe 3 cities. And we go with our History teacher and he will tell us at least two informaton during one minute. So we should take notes or we should attach to him a dictaphone and learn everything during the night. It will be interesting for us. It will be from August 28.- September2. And I leave for Toscan on 3rd September. I won't sleep much before school. But I think these trips will totally worse it. :D

And the biggest news is that we( my Maths teacher, 8+2 student from the school)  applied for a competition in which if we are selected we going to spend to weeks in the admirable ....China!!!! We had to write a motivation letter. And in the school turn I was the first who was selected to apply.  Here is the letter. I hope you 'll love it. Tell me your opinion! :D

Dear Sir/Madam,

If you ask a person in the street what he knows about China, the answer must be something like this 'They work cheaply, quickly and well.' or ' The Chinese food is my favourite!' I do not want to be a person like this. I want to know more about the country which has an admirable culture.

I would like to be a journalist. That's why I intend to know more and more about the world. As it gets bigger and bigger for me it is more interesting and I want to know more about it. I have three topics which I am into: art, gastronomy and fashion. These issues in this country are really uniqe. What i love about their art is the monuments which symbolize the country such as the Great Wall and the Clay Soldiers. These monuments shows that this country is strong and preserves its traditions. I am keen on Far East gastronomy which is not like what we eat here. I would like to taste that kind of food which is made with soul and love there. Their fashion is unique as well and I would like to see it with my own eyes, not just in pictures, touch the fabrics, feel the traditions.

These are the things in which I'm really interested in China. These are just a few things to mention but there are thousands of other reasons why I am eager to know more about this country. In life, it is all about taking on new adventures.

Yours faithfully,
Júlia Földi

From my class 7 people applied. If we win it will take place at the begining of August and it will last for 2 week. Our teacher said that we have 90% to among the 9 team which can go.
 Cross your fingers for us!!! :D  
Because of these trip I had to make a passport as quickly as I can and I spent nights to fill the application form and things like these.

Have a good weekend, Julie. :D

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