Hey. Smokers!

Here is the time to tell why my blog is called Ashtray.  I was thinking for months  to find the most suitable name. And it was in front of me because sometimes I smoke. Once I wondered about the butts  these are different brands in the ashtray. And the idea came we, humans are similar to the butts, because we are different but we belong to the same world.

 Nearly all my friends and all students in my class and school smokes sometimes. We smoke different brand. I smoke in parties, after hard days, with coffee and if I'm stressed a bit.

I know it is no healthy at all and even more your smell is disgusting. But in my opinion it can be stylish. If you have a a bit rebellious style or somthing like this. But not if you are a kind of girl next door type or just a girl.
I noticed if someone start smoking around 16-17 year old you should be brave because who don't smoke are mark you some way.I don't understand them. Some days ago I heard that if someone smokes he just smoke the 1/3 of the smoke and the non-smokers gets the other part. So we are  a bit healthyier.

Of course it is also a kind of self-expression. You are brave enough to do illegal things. To hide things from your parents. And shows that you have your own decisions. Take responsibility.