Drunk Dream

In my opinion everyone got drunk at least in their life. Alcohol can change people or help them to show their real personality. I'm that kind of girl who likes to drink and don't care what it is. I love nearly all of the shots.
 This summer had so much fun and parties. When I was with friends and were just talking all night long and drink some beer maybe. It was a perfect night, a perfect day.  It was just perfect for me. During these evenings we don't care what we do cos we won't remember or we'll laugh on it.  Sometimes we don't know what we did and we put it together in the next few days or never.

As the end of the summer I feel like to go out more and more times. 20th August is a National Holiday here and we are planing to have some fun on that night. In the last few days have a house party.

How is your summer holiday?

P.S.: These are one of my fave songs to party on.

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