Been to Krakow

Last weekend I was in Krakow with my dad and his girlfriend and with my Auntie and with my lovely little cousin, Kristof. It was a kind of family vacation. It was good because we meet with my dad once or twice a year.

We had a 2 hour stop at Banska Bystrica in Slovakia.

 With my Auntie, cousin and my dad at  Banska Bystrica in Slovakia

 My cousin, Kristof in his fave Sponege Bob tee

Krakow is a beatiful old city which has fighted during the history. It was the capital city for III. Casimir. It was  between the Soviet Union and Germany. Not far from Krakow Auschwitz takes place we visited there with my dad and his girlfriend. We left my Auntie and cousin in the city because he is just 9 year old.

 I drunk  it in Krakow, it is beer with cranberry juice. It was so delicious.



 Wawel inside

 Florin's gate

 Just a beautiful street


The view from Zigmund Tower

I just can recommend you to visit Krakow. It is a beautiful city. I'll visit back someday with friends. And a good advice for everyone the Polish food is not good at all. And the Polish language is a little bit weird, it helps you a bit if you speek a little Russian.
Everything is so cheap, mainly the souvenirs. You can buy any kind of souvenirs for your family tshirst, mug, bags....ect.

I hope you'll visit there once in your life. :D

P.S. Sorry for the late post about it. I just got more pictures from my Auntie.

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