September Playlist

So that school started on the previous week  I would like to show you my playlist for the mornings and for afternoons to chill down after a busy and hard day at school or before. 

I really like Rizzle Kicks. They have a cute British accent which is my favourite in the world. I got hooked on rap in the few last month. And they make a good quality tracks. 

I saw this girl in Ed Sheeeran's Drunk video and I wanted to know who is she. She is a Scothis singer and songwriter called Nina Nesbitt. Why I like her songs so much? Because she is just 18year old and she knows who every girl feels about her love and after a brake up. So her songs are real and it is from her heart.  She made so many covers too. 

For the first time I didn't like her songs at all but now I'm keen on her songs which are so emotional and cheeky and sometimes she exaggerate feelings. But her videos are full with sexuality and originality.

Marina and the Diamonds are shows kind of girlish bitchish behaviour to the world with her outspoken lyrics and videos. Which reminds me the '60s feminime world with the floral print and headbands but inreverse she doesn't think that is a women place is at home or in the kitchen. A woman need to be bitchish to get what she wants.

This is how is understand their music and why I like them. I hope you will like them too. :D
Love, Julie 

P.S.: Leave your opinion in comments. :)

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