Spikes and Indian Print

At the beging of last week I received a freebie from OASAP. I choosed an earrring with spikes. Lately I saw these types of earring on Tumblr and I loved them so much and ... now I have one. Thanks to OASAP!

We take the photos before school while we were in late because of the train. It was a bit cold outside.
I choosed the denim jacket because it goes with everything, so it is one of my must have piece in my closet. I  really like this Print which reminds me India. Maybe for the first thought it doesn't fit very well but at the end it matches! I love the result.

shirt:  Fishbone
denim jacket: it was a gift
jeans: Zara
shoes: Converse

Julie xoxo


  1. spikes are so in, its like everywhere. Jewelry, bags, shoes, clothes.

    Its nice, wow its such fun to receive gifts from brands :)


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  3. Cool ear cuff!
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