Abroad is tempting...

On 10 Dec I'm going to Wien  with my friends for the Xmas fair. Maybe Venice in Feb. One months ago my classmate brought some information about UWC. It's so interesting to live in a foreigner country for 2 years. They have schools in HongKong to Costa Rica. During my Italian lesson 2 girl & a boy come in, boy was Alessandro from Italy and they started to promote AFS. It's like UWC but here you should pay and UWC is free.
I belive in karma so it must be something conection. I'm so excited who will it end up. But now I think will apply for both.
Why it is so interesting for me to live abroad for 1 or 2 years? Always lived in Hungary in the same town. I was just in Venice and other parts of Italy, Wien and  Prague.  I'm interested in the eastern cultures. And how other families lives with more than 1 child, because I'm an only child. And of course  they every day fashion, stores, music and things like that.