Interview with Zack Belayachi

As I did the interview with Jonas, I made one with Zack too.

Some days ago, one of my followers on Twitter, @ZackLeMonstre sent me a link where he is singing Lady Gaga's Edge of Glory. And it was AWESOME!!! I wanted to make an interview with him. He was so happy and he said it his first interview.
He is just 19, and he lives in Algeria, he is planning to move to Paris soon. He is a fashion designer too, not just a singer.

Hello Zack! As you sent me your cover song of Edge of Glory from Lady Gaga, I immediately fall in love into your voice.When did you started singing and was it just a hobby or what?
-Hey Julia! I'm very glad that you liked my singing and I'm really exited to do my first interview with you. I started singing when I was 4 and I was really young when my parents put me in school, I was almost 5 and I didn't know what was school at all, I was seeing all that people sitting there so I went in front of theme and started singing Britney Spears and Cher songs, I wasn't shy and for me it was natural to perform for theme, when I finished singing for a class I went to another class room to sing the same songs, teachers was so shoked that they were speechless and was stopping their courses for me, it was really funny for me, but I would never though that I'de have that volition to perform even now.

As I was listening your music, I saw you are just covering Lady Gaga. You must be a big fan of her.  How did you first meet with her music and what kind of effect had it on your everydays and your personality?
- I first met with Lady Gaga in 2008, I didn't care of her at the begining cause I wasn't into pop music, I was listening to Goth and Electro Rock, but when I heard the first melody of Poker Face it was like a crush , cause I found that sound so beautiful and exactly my type, but the song that maked me fall in love with Gaga was Starstruck, starting from the end of 2009 I was a real little monster and stopped listening to sad music and beeing depressed, I was dressing only black for more than 4 years so I started to dress with colors and better ( it was a catasroph before lol ) , so Gaga helped me to accept myself and find my vocation which beeing a fashion designer, she really changed my life and make it way beautiful.

And I saw Lady Gaga is a follower of you on Twitter, you must be proud of yourself, and have you ever met,spoke or some kind of conection between you? If you have the chance to preform with her or to preform your coveres in real to her, what would your reactions like?
- When Lady Gaga followed me it was like something surreal, I couldn't believe I was extremely happy I started jumping and crying ,she was my 150 follower, the day after I found 300 lol but it was my only connection with her, I never could see her in real life not even in The Monster Ball Tour cause I live in Algeria and she didn't come here, hope she'll for Born This Way Ball. Singing with her is my ultimate dream even if we are alone, without public, it would be just magical, I would love to know what she thinks about my voice.

Are you planning to cover someone else?And to make an own album or something like that?
- I'm thinking about doing covers of Evanescence cause they are my favorite band and I love theme from their begining, Amy Lee have an amazing voice and she inspire me so much. My wish after beeing a fashion designer is to make my own album, I think I'm talented for creation in general, I start with composing on my guitar or piano and then I find lyrics, I play drums too, so I think I can make an album by myself lol but it always starts with a specific emotion, so my music is the real me.

As you said that you are a fashion desginer  beside singing. What kind of clothes you design and in which style? Where you work, or you have an own company for that?( I'm really intersed so you can send me some photos :D )
- Yes, I'm a fashion designer I started drawing my collections from 2009, so I got something like 300 sketches or more, I'm designing prêt-à-porter and couture for Woman, and accessories : Shoes and bags, my style is very chic and cool at the same time, and I'm trying to mix prêt-à-porter with couture, so a lot of lace, embroidery and noble materials but I'll not use fur, I'm against that idea, I love animals too much ,I'm planning to creat my collections in real next year, and I'm planing to move to Paris soon to creat my own brand, I'm so exited cause I got some friends in fashion who accepted to help me so I think it's gonna be great.

What are your future plans with fashion and music?
    -For me fashion is my first objectif, even at 50 years I'll continue to do everything to create my company and make it famous and commercial, I'm extremely motivated for that and I make all the chances in my side to succeed, it's the
    dream of all my life and I'll do everything for, and for my fashion shows I plane something special, before every show I'll record a song or two to put it while the models are walking on the catwalk, so it'll be at 100% Zak Belayachi and I can't wish something better, I'll have my perfect artistic moments, all my imagination and inspiration will be exposed like a work of art in the hall, and nothing can make me more happy in my life.

As you are just 19 you can say you are quite successful with your things. How many fans do you have? Where are they from mainly?
- I'm very proud of myself and all what I did at only 19, I got a lot of fans in all over the world : USA, Brazil, Perou, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Philippines... and my country Algeria, I really love theme so much, I don't consider theme as fans but as friends, cause I don't like to have a distance with theme even if they are far, for me someone who loves me is my friend, I know that if I'll be famous it'll be hard for beeing close to theme but I'll do my best for beeing here cause without I'm nothing, they save my life and they are supporting me everyday, they help me to trust in myself.
Thank you very much for that interview, it was a real pleasure.

I'm glad that you have gaved me your first interview. :D You will go far, Zack! I'm so exetied how will your career will end in the fashion and in the music industry. I hope once I can see your collections and your live preformance.