Crazy Weeks

My last 3 week was totally crazy. 3 weeeks ago I had a kind of media week where we went to the local art cinema and watched movies all the week. The first was a Hungarian film. Which was quite good, cos nearly the 20-30 years the Hungarian films are worse then ever. They try to copy the big Hollywood-style movies and it doesn't work at all. When the movies were black and white Hungarian movies were really good. So if you would like to watch a Hungarian movie watch this called  A nyomozó = Investigator. It is about a man who is autism and pathologist. Become a hit man because his mum dying and he hasn't got enough money for the surgery. One day after he killed the man, he got a mail that he was his brother and he has a sister too. He wants to know who killed his brother. At the end he realized it was his sister then he killed her for his safety. The next film was a Japan comedy called Megane(in Japanise). It was AWFUL. I never want to see this. Nothing happend during one and a half hour. Then we watched a Danish film called Adam's Appels. It was good too. It was about a neo-Nazi man who just came out from the prison and he has to work in a church during the summer. The funnest moment was when someone was shoot on his heart and then run away. Then we watched the Social Network and the Slumdog Millionaire. These two was my fav during the week. I really love India and one of my dream is visit there for month like Liz Gilbert in her book Eat,Pray,Love.

After this week it was really heard to go back to school and wake up around 5 am after 6.30 am. The drama group have began again because our teacher wants to enter us to a competion with short strories  István Örkény. During the I started to learn to my Maths test,Chemistry and History test which have an essay part and a test part. We wrote from Conquest to Mathias King maybe 500 years. Not much at all.

Then the week become and I learnt so much for the tests. Except  Chemstry I can't learn this one at all. I hope the History test and the essay will be good. Cos my teacher is really accurate.

I hope your weeks were better than mine. That's why I didn't posted anything bigger then photos. :)

Enjoy Sunday!!!