Snow Time!!!

You must heard  there is so much snow every part of Europe. Here if there is 2cm snow trains late
 10-15 mins.  But now with this 20 cm snow they late a half an hour or more. Btw I love snow cos I was born in February ( on 16, so my birthday is coming)  and it is so beautiful for me and  you can go to ice skate. I'm so grateful for snow because my school made an ice rink from the football pitch! We went out on Wensday,Thursday and Friday. Sometimes we fell off but anyway it was awesome!
our street covered with snow

the ice rink, not big but we love it.

I love the cold weather but  -20°C is cold for me too. All my clothes are appropriate until -5 or 8°C,
 so it made me some problems how to dress up in the morning cos there is never such a big cold.
So all mornings I choiced something which I can wear in more layers and look great together or maybe a knitted-sweater.  And I rarely use gloves because I have a sexy iPhone who I always wants to touch and it is not compatible with gloves. Now I wish I have used gloves because my hand are dried out and my nails are cracked. Good advice for everyone to use them and for me of course.