Still snowing!

Somedays ago I posted about the snow. Now I should tell you my morning which is funny and annoying at the same time. It have started snowing again heavily. When I woke up I felt it won't be an easy day.
I walked out to the train station around 6.35am and there were 2 trains waiting. One was direction to Budapest. It was so full, people was standing between the seats. I didn't went with this one. I met with a girl who attends the same school as me. And she told me there are some problems with the cable. The speaker said they maybe will launch a new train in 35mins. And of course the waiting room was full. A train come after 40 mins and it was around 7.15am and my school starts at 7.30am. And finally this left the station around 7.25am. I kept in touch with Sandra because she met with our classmates on an other train. And they told me they are going to wait for me. One of them went back home. There were some people who didn't tried to get to school at all. Finally I arrived to the finalstation around 8.10am. Then when I finally got an certificate for being late it was 8.30 when my 2nd lesson started. On the certificate 70min was.
There was a train which was in a 300min late. Oke, we got used to that the trains always late but it was to much for us. 300mins!!!
I finally I arrived to the class nearly 9am. And left home around 6.20am. Quick, isn't it!?
And when I wanted to get home the trains still was on late. So I won't be supriesed if I will be ill for tmrrw.

If you are in Hungary never use train. It not just happen in snow but in any case. If the sun is shining or if there is a gently breeze.

There is a kind of truth which says 'The MAV have 5 enemies: the 4 season and the passengers.' 

While I was walking home I took some photos about the street.
It was so beautiful.