Christmas is coming... part 2

So yesterday we had our class celebration and I wanted to show what I got from who pull me...

He is so cute and fluffy. Love it a lot.

and from my friend, Andy...

Absolutly perfect!

But now about today's topic for today I choosed the most tasty topic, food! Here in Hungary we eat traditional Hungarian food at Christmas time like Fisherman's soup, stuffed cabbage, fried duck and other tasty food like these. We have a very special cake for this time of the year it is called bejgli, it is a kind of pasta which is rolled up and filled with walnut&raisins or poppy-seed&raisins. I really like it and my Granny makes the best! Now I'm going to learn how to make it properly and traditionally. Last Christmas I tried a new recipe about an Indian food which I saw on one of the Jamie Oliver Shows. It is chicken with Bombay Masala. I know it sounds weird to eat Indian food for Christmas but I like to try things even during celebration times. Because I think it is a bit boring to eat the same  dish at every Christmas dinner/lunch.  And my family also liked the new tradition. I'm going to share the recipe with you illustrated with some pics. As soon as I make it and get my new phone. Tomorrow we going to bake some cakes. Yummy!

My dream Christmas dinner would like to be a mixtneure of the British and the American ones which are shown on the tv with the big stuffed turkey, the British pudding and everything like these. I like to get to know other nations traditions, culture and food.I would like to spend  some Christmas in different culures and people. It may sound weired that I got a bit bord with this kind of celebration what we have. You know, I like to try new things.

Love, Julie x

P.S. Pics coming soon...

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