Christmas is coming...part 1

We just have 1 week until Christmas. Veryone is buying the last presents or the proactive ones are wrapping the gifts.  Tomorrow we going to have a class celebration. In everyyear we pull out a name from a hat who we are going to give a present. Sometimes we change it. Now I did. That's why I had to buy a present for my friend, Andy. I think she will love her present so much because I bought a book about her fave waterpolo player. I wrapped it so nicely with a big bow on it.
I'm very curious who pull. This is what I want to get to know.

In this post I wants to show you my fave Christmas song. My ultimate favourite is Christmas Tree by
Lady Gaga.

Of course , Mariah Carey's All what I want for Christmas. The new version with Justin Bieber is not bad I love much more the original.

Last Christmas by Cascada is an old one but a really beautiful one.

Shake up Christmas by Train is about nowadays holiday at all as I noticed..

I hope everyone going to get in the holiday spirit who isn't it yet. Tomorrow I'm coming with a new post about my favourite thing in the holidays.

Love, Julie x

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